Installing the agent software

It takes just a few seconds to install the Node Patrol agent, it's a very simple process and requires no technical expertise.

Before you start

  1. Consider adding exclusions to your antivirus product (see why).
  2. Download the latest agent installer from the Node Patrol.
  3. Find the API key for the organisation you wish to install the agent for:
  4. The agent is installed for the computer (not per user), so elevation is required.

Video guide with voice-over

We show you how easy it is to create an account and connect your first device in this short, 2-minute video (increase the quality using the controls if the video doesn't look sharp).

Installing the agent using the installation wizard

  1. Double click the executable you downloaded from the dashboard
  2. Customers with UAC enabled will need to select 'Yes' when prompted by User Account Control
  3. Click 'Next' on the welcome screen 
  4. Next, we need to tell the agent which organisation this device belongs to.
    1. You can find your API key(s) here:
    2. Decide whether you want to enable tracking, remote management (such as remote compliance scans), and automatic agent updates
    3. Once configured, click 'Next'.
  5. Click 'Install'
  6. Wait for the installation to complete, this usually takes less than 10 seconds
  7. Click 'Finish'

Installing the agent using the command prompt

Simply run the following installation command in an elevated command prompt (remember to change the name of the installer to match the version you're installing, and replace 0000000000000000 with a valid API key):

NodePatrolSetup-1.49.0.exe API_KEY=0000000000000000

To disable tracking, add ENABLE_TRACKING=0:

NodePatrolSetup-1.49.0.exe API_KEY=0000000000000000 ENABLE_TRACKING=0

To disable automatic updates, add ENABLE_UPDATES=0:

NodePatrolSetup-1.49.0.exe API_KEY=0000000000000000 ENABLE_UPDATES=0<br>

To disable remote management (prevents running compliance scans and other remotely initiated tasks), add ENABLE_REMOTE_MANAGEMENT=0:

NodePatrolSetup-1.49.0.exe API_KEY=0000000000000000 ENABLE_REMOTE_MANAGEMENT=0<br>

To install the agent silently (useful when deploying the software remotely), simply add /q to the installation command:

NodePatrolSetup-1.49.0.exe API_KEY=0000000000000000 /q<br>

You can use as many of these parameters as you like, for example, to disable automatic updates and tracking, and install silently:

NodePatrolSetup-1.49.0.exe API_KEY=0000000000000000 ENABLE_UPDATES=0 ENABLE_TRACKING=0 /q<br>

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