Scheduling email reports

Reports are predefined and preformatted views of the data collected by Node Patrol, they can be used to review outstanding issues, identified risks, recent update activity, device connectivity statuses and much more. The goal of email reports is not to replace the dashboard, but to provide another channel for delivering critical data to our customers without requiring them to dedicate time to regularly visiting the dashboard. 

Scheduling a report is very easy to do:

  1. Open the reports view (
  2. Select 'Manage schedules' for the report you're interested in
  3. Click 'Schedule this report' in the newly visible area
  4. Select the organisation you would like to schedule the report for (most customers will have just one organisation)
  5. Enter the email address of the mailbox we should deliver the report to. You can enter multiple recipients by simply comma separating the addresses. 
  6. Select the time and days of the week at which we should send the report. The time dropdown shows the time in both UTC and your account's local timezone. 
  7. Click 'Schedule report'

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