Adding multiple organisations

Node Patrol supports multiple organisations in a single account, useful for very large customers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). You can switch quickly between the organisations in the main navigation menu, opt to view devices in all organisations, and grant users different permissions for each organisation (via User Groups).

  1. Log in to the dashboard
  2. Navigate to System Administration (
  3. Select 'Organisations' (or navigate to
  4. Select 'Add organisation'
  5. Enter the organisation's name, select the SMTP (outbound email) settings, and enter any device groups you'd like created (1 per line)
  6. Click 'Add organisation'
  7. You'll see a green confirmation message if the organisation was successfully created
  8. We now have two organisations in our account. We can add devices to each organisation by using the unique API key for each when installing the agent software. 
  9. You can switch between these organisations in the main navigation menu
  10. The device groups you specified when creating the organisation will now be available for use in the dashboard filter menus

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