Creating user groups

Node Patrol offers a role-based access control system, this means you can create a user group based on a particular role, and assign users to the user groups to inherit the permissions. User group permissions are additive, which means the user will always have the highest privilege granted to their account for a particular resource. 

  1. Log in to the Node Patrol dashboard
  2. Navigate to System Administration (
  3. Select Users & user groups (or navigate to
  4. Select Create a user group (or navigate to
  5. Complete the form
    1. Give the group a name (you can change this later)
    2. Select the administrative permissions (you can change this later)
    3. Grant the appropriate level of device access (you can change this later)
    4. Select users to add as members from the dropdown (you can do this later)

6. Click Add user group, you'll see confirmation of success

7. You can review the permissions by selecting the following link

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