Enforce two-factor authentication for all users

We highly recommend all customers enforce the use of two-factor authentication.

When enforced and a user logs in without two-factor authentication, we will require them to add it to their account in order to proceed. Enforcing two-factor authentication for all users requires system administration rights.

  1. Log in to the Node Patrol dashboard
  2. Before enforcing two-factor authentication, you must first enable it on your account
  3. Navigate to https://app.nodepatrol.com/app/admin/system/security
  4. Check 'Enforce two-factor authentication for all users'
  5. If you have not enabled two-factor on your own account, you will see the following error
  6. Once you have 2FA enabled on your account, you'll see the following blue message
  7. Click 'Save changes', two-factor authentication is now enforced for all users
  8. Once two-factor authentication has been enabled for a user, they will see the following form when logging in

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